How to get Scuba Certified for Free

How to get Scuba Certified for Free

Whether you go on a summer vacation, or simply schedule it as a great new hobby, Scuba diving is more than just exciting activity. The thrill of diving deep enough to observe the seafloor and marine animals is unprecedented!

Scuba diving provides you with the chance to do all this and more in an underwater adventure, but the price of training may turn down some parties. That’s why it’s crucial to know all the details of undergoing full Scuba diving training to obtain a costless license! 

Without any further delay, we’ll deal with all the details of scoring a free Scuba license and instructions on how to do it!

How to get Scuba Certified for Free?

There are two main ways to become scuba certified for free. Although you may get your scuba license for free, you will probably have to pay in other ways.

Both methods will save you much time and effort, and most importantly; you’ll save money for the license. Applying to help out at the Scuba Diving centre is a great way to help out the employees while also learning quality details. 

Being around the Scuba diving center for a week or more will help you gain insight into the crucial Scuba diving aspects. On the other hand, you’ll get to score a free license in terms of a cash payment. 

The other method involves buying the gear and diving equipment from the license-issuing center. This way, you’ll get a 100% discount on the license itself, while it’s also possible to get a refund on gear.

Paying for your Scuba diving license in cash can be troubling both for your pocket and your peace of mind. Although those that pay for the license undergo proper training, the two methods mentioned enable acquiring quality experience.

Stay tuned with us to find out how these methods benefit your experience, as there’s much more you should learn before applying for a license!

How Should you Approach a Free Scuba License?

Nothing in today’s world is completely free, as you’ve probably learned so far. As it stands, you have to pay both for the license and the gear and training.

By getting a free license, at least one of the points on the list will cost you no money.

It’s also beneficial as you can save on the license and invest more in professional equipment for the ultimate experience. Equipment is also crucial for Scuba diving as it’s a specific diving method with a gas cylinder tank attached to the back.

First off, let’s drop all the facts on the first method of gaining a free Scuba diving license!

Get a Free Scuba License by Applying to Help out in a Scuba Diving Centre

With this method, you’ll only have to pay for the license processing. It’s still a minor price, considering that you’ll skip paying for the remaining factors of the license.

In other words, you’ll also skip paying for the training, while at the same time; you gain all the training you need as a volunteer. Just think about how you can learn the essence of Scuba diving and comparatively make it your paycheck for the license.

You’ll also get to help out with the training sessions and eventually participate in 4-5 dives at least yourself. This method can help gain quality experience and knowledge on the Scuba diving basics – the breading, techniques, and bans.

It’s also much more beneficial than paying for the license and expecting to get all the facts dropped on you.

You’ll be able to learn all the hard work required to teach beginners how to Scuba dive. It’s not such a carefree task to enter the deep sea waters and spend some time below the surface.

Take all the potential risks in the equation and you’ll quickly realize that spending some time at the training center is valuable.

Two Scuba divers going down below the surface

Get a Completely Free License by Purchasing Equipment from a Dive Centre.

There’s a variety of different Scuba diving centers that offer discounts on the total license price. However, you’ll be required to fulfil the conditions of the discount to achieve the completely free certification.

One of the ways to do so is purchasing the necessary equipment from the center and before your class even takes place.

This way, you’ll show your dedication to the Scuba diving learning process and obtain a free license.

Course takers that use this method will get the costless license, license processing, and books needed for the exam. Moreover, other benefits are also possible depending on the specific Scuba diving centres.

For instance, some centres offer a 50% discount for Advanced Open Water Diving.

This course can be taken after the initial Scuba diving license is issued, and even a discount on all accessories is possible.

Perhaps the single downside to this method is the return policy. Namely, those that wish to return their previously purchased gear can do so as they please and get a complete refund. However, such divers will then be instructed to pay for the total price of a Scuba diving license and books.

So, only use this option if you’re certain that there’s no chance of giving up from Scuba diving after taking the course.

How to get enrolled on an Online Learning Scuba Course for Free

Besides the two mentioned methods of obtaining a free Scuba diving license, there’re additional ways of costless Scuba learning. A perfect instance would be the official PADI eLearning course that’s easily accessible from PCs and mobile devices.

Unfortunately, this method involves ultimately paying for the license itself, but the training program is completely free. All it takes is to visit the official PADI website and find the free eLearning section.

All the new participants will have to fill out the relevant forms and apply for the free eLearning lessons in their language.

The theoretical training relates to all the crucial aspects of learning to Scuba dive. It’s a perfect option for those that can’t fit the in-person training in their schedule.

Ultimately, diving enthusiasts could combine the free eLearning process with the two methods of obtaining a free license. It would save the divers a lot on the total expenses of getting a hold of the license. 

Getting a Discount on your Scuba License Discount by Applying on Online Courses?

Of course, not all online courses are free when it comes to Scuba diving training. However, some of the courses available offer significant discounts on other factors of the course.

For instance, PADI offers their diving enthusiasts to pay for the online course and gain a 25% or more discount on some aspects. Although it may seem much easier to only enrol on a free course, it may not always be the case.

With the premium online course discount offered, divers can gain a 25% discount on the Advanced Open Water Course. Furthermore, similar discounts are included for an unlimited number of supervised fun dives and travelling accommodation costs.

SSI Scuba Diving Lessons and Discounts

Besides PADI, there’re many more worldwide Scuba diving organizations that enable professional training. By applying to other courses, divers won’t lose on quality experience, especially when it comes to organizations like SSI.

SSI also offers some free aspects that all scuba enthusiasts will enjoy. For instance, you can get a free Scuba diving lesson and a test-dive. Other methods of diving like snorkelling and free diving also come with a no-cost test.

However, it’s tough to find free Scuba license offers with most organizations, but discounts are a common delight. One thing that SSI surely is proud of is the variety of diving courses involved.

Newcomer divers can browse between Scuba diving courses, extended range diving, snorkelling, and re-breather courses!

Importance of obtaining a Scuba diving license

It is super important to have a certificate for diving for numerous reasons:

  • A scuba diving license enables you to purchase air fills
  • The certification confirms that you can buy diving equipment
  • Without a license, it’s hard to get a hold of the gear
  • Enables further and Advanced diving courses

It’s important to note that without a Scuba diving license, none of the mentioned activities are possible. Some retailers will refuse to sell the equipment to unlicensed divers as it could be a matter of life and death. That’s why even with a free certification process, professional training is still required for maximum experience.

Geographical Variation of Free Scuba Diving Licenses 

The geographical aspect is also important when searching for the best price for Scuba diving certification. Some countries just don’t have the option for new divers to get the license for free. That being said, here’re some of the most convenient places to get Scuba certified:

  • Thailand
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

The average price of the official Scuba diving certification in these countries is approximately around US$300. Still, some countries offer the chance for beginners to get certified for free.

Scuba diver in perfect trim from below

Free Scuba Certification in the USA

Perhaps the best way to get a hold of the free Scuba license in the US is to get in touch with an official PADI operator.

On the other hand, the North American Divers Scuba package enables novice divers to get a deal on equipment. By buying the gear directly from the association, novice divers will get a completely free Scuba diving certification.

You can even get a 50% discount on the Advanced Open Water diving courses through the same program.

Free Scuba Diving License in the UK

When it comes to Scuba diving in the UK, it’s more difficult to obtain a free license than in the US. Unfortunately, diving courses in the UK require full payment, but there could be a solution.

One way to do this in the UK is to get a Scuba diving course internship. Via this approach, diving can get a free license and training by helping out at the diving centre.

Getting a Free Scuba license in Australia

Getting a hold of the free Scuba license in Australia is perhaps slightly easier than in the UK. The process is quite similar to the US methods since the majority of the Scuba training centers are equivalent to the US.

So, it’s possible to get PADI free courses and discounts, as well as the SSI promotions and price reduction. Of course, the internship method is always available.

Don’t Forget Your Dive Insurance!

Before you go out on any dive trip or holiday, it is essential to make sure you have insurance that covers you if something goes wrong. Check out our dive insurance article for more information.

Or go straight to these dive insurance company websites:


Diver Alert Network (DAN)

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Although the legitimacy of the Scuba diving course and the expertise of instructors is crucial, the cost is also a contributing factor. Many novice Scuba divers wish to find a way to get a free certification since the equipment is expensive.

Hopefully, this article will help everyone who is interested to gain a better understanding of finding free or discounted Scuba certification!

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