About divedeepscuba.com

Divedeepscuba.com was launched by an avid diver and one-time marine biologist (and ex-high school science teacher), Paul Fulbrook. Paul wanted to share his love of scuba diving and answer the multitude of questions that new and experienced divers have.

Along with a writing team of professional divers and marine biologists, Paul has put together the go-to place for divers of all levels.

Divedeepscuba.com writers:

The website caters for divers of all levels and abilities, from those just thinking about taking the plunge into diving up to those more experienced divers. We will focus on several key areas; getting started in scuba, scuba gear, scuba destinations/vacations, advanced scuba diving and general scuba news/questions.

We want you to discover, fall in love with and become obsessed with scuba diving in all its forms!

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