Paul Fulbrook

About Paul Fulbrook

Paul Fulbrook, diver, marine biologist, entrepreneur, lord of all cats

Paul Fulbrook is an ex-high school Biology teacher in Brighton, UK, he is also an internet entrepreneur, marine biology graduate and passionate scuba diver. He has too many children and not enough cats!

He has been obsessed with marine life from a very young age and has been SCUBA diving all of his adult life.

He has had a deep love of the ocean ever since his Dad took me snorkelling on a family holiday when he was young; it has held his gaze ever since.

Paul learned to scuba dive in his teens and immediately knew, He had found his happy place.

He took this obsession further when he quit his day job in retail and went to university at 30 years of age to study marine biology.

This decision changed his life. The marine biology degree led to working on coral reef conservation projects in Indonesia and Honduras. It also led to his love of teaching.

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