Why Is Scuba Diving So Exciting? 5 Reasons to Dive in!

Why Is Scuba Diving So Exciting? 

  1. You Can Travel & Explore Anywhere In the World!
  2. You Make Lots of New Friends
  3. It’s a Sport Where You Can Relax & Unwind
  4. Every Dive is an Adventure
  5. Surprisingly, It Keeps You Fit

Scuba divers indeed have more fun than non-divers – and I am going to tell you why!

Scuba diving is not only about the amazing marine life you can see, but it also broadens the mind and becomes a peaceful, tranquil almost meditative experience for many people, and that is only some of the reasons it is incredibly exciting. 

Are you a certified diver? If so, you will know that dives are called “fun dives” and that is simply because they are FUN!

Have you ever seen an unhappy diver? Most likely not!

This article is going to tell you a handful of reasons why scuba diving is fun and exciting because if I told you all the reasons, we would be here forever… 

5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving Is So Exciting!

If you are a diver like me, it is no secret that scuba diving is exciting, from travelling to feeling totally free below the surface, diving is a sport that is thrilling and brings new adventures no matter where or how many times you visit a dive site.  

Below are my top 5 reasons why there is such a ‘hype’ around scuba diving, which I am sure you will agree with. So, let’s dive in (pun 100% intended)!

1. You Can Travel & Explore Anywhere In the World!

Did you know that 70% of the world consists of water?

This makes scuba diving a sport that allows you to explore more. Why would you want to be restricted to only 30% of the planet?

Scuba diving allows you to travel to tropical destinations such as Indonesia and Thailand, or if you want to experience clear and cold conditions, why not hop on a plane to Iceland or Canada. One of my favourite quotes is by Rachel Wolchin:

If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”.

As Rachel says, we were not born to stay in one place. With different oceans to explore, the world has so much to offer, so take advantage of that! 

Every diving destination brings new adventures and mysterious marine life despite how many times you visit a dive site. By travelling to different parts of the world, you will also meet like-minded people that make your experience extremely exciting. 

2. You Make Lots of New Friends

Yes, that’s me on the left! (Utila, Honduras)

One of my favourite things about scuba diving is making friends for life!

The scuba community is massive, yet the more places you dive, you realise that it is in fact a very “small world”, often bumping into people over and over again. 

As a diver, you are welcomed with wide arms into the scuba diving family, no matter who you are or where you come from, bringing like-minded people together is just another reason scuba diving is exciting!

Even if you are super shy, scuba diving brings out so much confidence, becoming extremely comfortable with the people around you, and having lots of exciting things to talk about after the dive.

Ocean ‘nerds’ are a cracking bunch!

I have met many people, learned about different cultures, and most importantly had fun meeting them, all of which I am grateful for learning to dive many years ago. 

3. It’s a Sport Where You Can Relax & Unwind

As it is a non-competitive sport, scuba diving is a great time to unwind from our everyday lives – that can often be very stressful.

Underwater there is no noise from the hustle and bustle of life on land, allowing you to listen to only your breathing, have no worries in the world, and allow you to focus on your own mind. 

If you are feeling low, or are having a bad day, scuba diving is a hobby (or job) where you can escape reality.

Scuba diving is known to help improve people’s mental health and overall wellbeing. Being exposed to the ocean and marine life makes people happy often putting them in a meditative state. (This is 100% true for me, being underwater is the only place I feel completely calm).

4. Every Dive is an Adventure 

Without a doubt, scuba diving is an adventurous sport, and no dive is the same, no matter how many times you dive there, every experience will be different: whether it be the marine life you see, the conditions you face, or how the water makes you feel. 

Whether you are a ‘shipwreck-junkie’ or a ‘crazy-current-cruiser’, the ocean is intoxicating.

From exploring the Great Blue Hole in Belize to heading out on the famous Manta Ray Night Dive in Hawaii, scuba diving has a little something for everyone!

The ocean is teeming with marine life waiting for us to explore.

With more than 80% of the underwater unexplored, it is exciting to be part of something amazing – who knows, you could be the first person to identify and name a new marine species.  

5. Surprisingly, It Keeps You Fit

Finally, one that many people wouldn’t often think about. Believe it or not, scuba diving keeps you relatively fit.

Diving is a cardiovascular and muscular workout while putting zero impact on your body (unless you are clumsy and bump into that coral bommie!). 

Scuba diving is not only an underwater workout, it is a workout on land too (we all know how much of a workout it is to put on a wetsuit sometimes). From lifting heavy tanks (if you physically can) to climbing on the boat and gearing up, you have already burned some of your breakfast off before you have even hit the water. 

Once underwater you will feel weightless, so it will not feel like you are burning some calories.

Did you know, on average scuba divers burn between 400 and 700 calories every dive (bonus if you are on a double or triple dive!)? Now that sounds way more appealing than rolling out of bed for a morning run.

Plus, after the dive you will be super tired, you will sleep like a baby! 

Don’t Forget Your Dive Insurance!

Before you go out on any dive trip or holiday, it is essential to make sure you have insurance that covers you if something goes wrong. Check out our dive insurance article for more information.

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To Finish

Whether you enjoy tropical diving or cold-water diving, every experience is something new which is one of the many reasons scuba diving is awe-inspiring and exciting.

This article is only a handful of reasons scuba diving is exciting, there are actually millions of reasons!

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you again very soon, happy bubbles!

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Darby Bonner

Darby is a marine biologist and PADI scuba diving instructor from the UK. With over ten years of diving experience, she has visited some of the best dive destinations in the world. Currently, Darby is living in Bali, Indonesia and regularly dives at some of the most beautiful dive sites in the Indian Ocean. Her passion for the ocean led her to study seals, publish a paper, and become a marine mammal medic. In the future, she hopes to complete her master’s in marine science, and of course, continue her love for teaching and diving!

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