What Gift to Get a Scuba Diver

What Gift to Get a Scuba Diver

Buying a gift for a Scuba diver can be difficult! Scuba Divers can be very particular with their equipment! If you know what they like, small items of equipment can be perfect gifts! 

However, you might not know what they want or need, and Scuba Diving equipment has a reputation for being expensive! This might deter you from the idea of buying a Scuba Diving related gift! But do not let this be the case!

This article provides many gift ideas for a Scuba Diver that does not have to break the bank!

  • Neoprene mask strap
  • Dry bag
  • Mesh kit bag
  • Surface Marker Buoy
  • Dive computer
  • Mask
  • Gift Card
  • Dive books
  • Fish ID Slates
  • Dive tools
  • Dive trip/dive computer

Let’s have a look at these awesome gift ideas!

Neoprene Mask Strap

Most, if not all divers, will have their own masks. Masks always come with a strap, however, having a neoprene mask strap is an incredible upgrade! 

Neoprene mask straps are a lot easier to take on and off, especially for people with long hair! Long hair can get tangled within the mask strap, making it uncomfortable to take on and off. 

It is also possible to customise a neoprene mask strap. We asked five dive professionals what gift they would like from family and friends, and one dive instructor replied with a personalised neoprene mask strap, as it is nice and personal. 

Names, brands or pictures can be printed onto the mask strap, with specific colours and designs. This is a great way to create a special gift for family or friends who love diving, making their masks unique and easy to determine from others. 

Often in a dive shop, many divers have very similar masks. Having a unique mask strap makes it easier to know which one is yours quickly!

What an awesome gift to start with! Let’s have a look at what is next!

A Dry Bag

Dry bags are a great accessory for a Scuba Diver! Rolling at the top and clipping down, the bag keeps everything bone dry inside, protecting clothing, phones and towels etc! 

A dry bag is a great gift for Scuba divers, as they are very handy and not too expensive! There are many different sizes of dry bags, from small, medium to very large! 

If you want to get someone a dry bag but are not sure about the size, the medium bag is your best bet! Between 10-20L is enough for a towel, a mobile device and some other small bits! These dry bags are very popular to take on the boat, to keep towels dry for after the dive and mobile phones safe!

Dry bags of more than 20L are a backpack to a holdall size, which is large enough for a weekend trip!

Mesh Kit Bag

You cannot go wrong with a mesh kit bag for a gift! If you are looking to buy a present for someone that loves Scuba Diving, a mesh kit bag is a great option! 

These medium-sized to large-sized bags are completely mesh material, designed to carry Scuba Diving equipment. These specific bags are great for wet Scuba Gear after a dive, to allow the equipment to breathe instead of being damp and closed inside a bag.

Small mesh drawstring bags are also a great gift for Scuba Divers and ocean lovers! These small water-resistant bags can be used during a dive to collect any rubbish found beneath the surface! 

This gift is a perfect way to support an ocean eco-warrior in their quest to help clean the oceans!

Surface Marker Buoy

A Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) can be taken underwater with Scuba Divers. When they are ready to shallow up, they inflate the buoy from below, shooting it up to the surface! The SMB indicated to all boats on the surface that there are divers below!

All Scuba divers must have an SMB. Most divers will surface with an SMB unless diving in a sectioned off area or close to a boat with its own marker.

Therefore an SMB is a great gift for a diver, as it will certainly be used and appreciated!

Dive Computer

Dive Computers are used by every Scuba diver, attached to their equipment as a console or on their wrist like a watch! Dive computers are incredibly intelligent, using algorithms to constantly calculate the diver’s no decompression time while counting dive time and depth. 

One of the five Scuba diving professionals we asked, said a Dive computer would be a great gift!

Of course, this is a more expensive gift than the ones mentioned above, yet a brilliant one! 

Scuba divers can be quite picky about what equipment they like when it comes to Computers, masks and fins etc! Therefore, if you are thinking of gifting a family member or close friend a dive computer, try to ask or figure out which dive computers they are keen on!


Every diver needs a mask! Many divers even have multiple masks! This gift idea is, therefore, a great one, as you can never have too many masks! (Trust me, I have tried!)

Masks are quite a specific item, therefore you would need to know what they are after! If you know which kind of mask they would like, or maybe they have always wanted, a mask is a perfect gift. 

One of the Scuba diving professionals suggested a mask as the perfect gift as they are “not too expensive, last a very long time and are loved and cared for!”

Some Scuba diving equipment can be pretty expensive! However, masks are one of the very few items that are not too costly and able to be bought as a gift!

Good masks are crucial for comfort, and an awesome field of vision and style! Being able to provide a friend or loved one with an incredible mask and a great diving experience is an outstanding diving experience is one of a kind!

If you are considering buying a mask as a gift, check out our Complete Guide to Scuba masks!

Gift Card

Gift vouchers are always great! This gift idea is ideal if you are unsure exactly what to get someone, but would love for it to be Scuba Diving related! You can purchase Scuba Diving store gift cards, allowing your friend or loved one to put the money towards something they’ll love!

Another Dive Professional said Gift cards are a perfect gift. It is thoughtful to purchase a Gift card for a Dive store, as you are showing you would like the money to be put towards their passion! 

Gift cards can be easily purchased online or in-store, at many famous Dive equipment stores! Examples include; Mike’s Gift Card E-Voucher, Scuba Nation Scuba Diving Vouchers and Simply Scuba Gift Cards

Gift cards are also great, as the money can be used to purchase a specific item they have wanted for a while, or they need for their equipment!

Dive Books

For someone who loves Scuba diving and the ocean, books are a great gift idea! Check out the Seven best books for Scuba divers for some ideas on awesome books to buy a Scuba diver! 

Scuba diving books vary from biological fish identification to Scuba diving stories and accidents! 

Fish ID Slates 

What better gift than a Fish ID Slate, to help identify hundreds of fish species! Fish ID slates can be used during dive briefings, taken underwater and during debriefs, discussing which species were seen during the dive!

People Scuba dive for many different reasons! One of which, is for their love of the marine environment! Fish ID slates allow divers to identify marine life and can be specific to areas. For example, British Fish, Indian Ocean Fish or Florida fish.

It is also possible to get Fish Identification books covering almost all marine species! 

One very popular book is Reef Fish Behaviour! Scuba divers love identifying marine animals, talking about what they see underwater and learning more about each species! 

Dive tools

A very popular and really practical gift for all Scuba divers is an All in One Dive tool! Dive tools are very handy for divers, to ensure they can maintain their equipment and make last-minute repairs!

Handy little dive tools have flat head screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and even an O ring pick! (O rings can be very difficult to remove, so this is a great feature!) 

A Dive Trip/Dive Voucher

Scuba divers love to dive, so what better gift than a dive trip or a paid fun dive! This has got to be one of the best gift ideas!

When asked, one of the Dive professionals replied with a fun dive as the perfect gift! As an instructor, this professional loves to go for fun dives, really enjoying the dive and taking a break from looking after others!

Gifting a diver with an adventure or a professional with a fun break from work is a perfect gift! Fun dives can be purchased directly from a shop as a gift, or as a voucher for the diver to use on their next trip! 

If you are buying for a Scuba diver that loves sharks, purchasing a fun dive where it is likely to see them would be the perfect fun dive! Perhaps they have always wanted to see Manta Rays, Whale Sharks or Sea Turtles! Gifting fun dives at locations popular for such marine life is the perfect gift for a Scuba Diver!

One step up from a fun dive would be a dive trip! If you are buying for a loved one or a close family member, organising a dive trip would be an extraordinary gift! 

If you are wondering how much a Dive trip costs, it can be pretty expensive! But there are many ways to find good deals and enjoy a wonderful dive trip without breaking the bank!

Planning a dive trip on a budget is very possible! Have a look at the Seven Cheapest Scuba Holiday destinations in the world! 

Don’t Forget Your Dive Insurance!

Before you go out on any dive trip or holiday, it is essential to make sure you have insurance that covers you if something goes wrong. Check out our dive insurance article for more information.

Or go straight to these dive insurance company websites:


Diver Alert Network (DAN)

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Final thoughts

Scuba divers can be difficult to buy for, as the equipment is particular and can be pretty expensive! Despite this, there are many great gift ideas for Scuba divers, from masks and SMBs, to gift cards and fun dives!

We hope this article has helped you decide on what gift to buy a scuba diver! 

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Bethany is a writer, an Environmental Scientist and Dive Master, exploring the underwater world. Practising Underwater Photography, Bethany aims to raise awareness for and help protect marine life.

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